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    setup libsqlite3-dev and sqlite3 binary to match stack's libsqlite3-0 · 221722fb
    Terence Lee authored
    With inspiration from @KevinBrolly, this patch uses the stack image
    SQLite3 package but also still providing the dev headers and binary that
    users may still be using today. The benefit is that we won't need to
    rebuild all the python binaries for this to take affect. We can just
    stop shipping SQLite3 from future binaries. In addition, we don't need
    to worry about what version and when to update SQLite3 and maintaining
    the packages ourselves.
    This also includes updates to Python 2.7.15 and Python 3.6.6 so they can
    rebuilt with the stack image dev headers instead of building our own
    vendored SQLite3.
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