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      Update pylibmc to support nested requirements. · 826193ef
      Hugo Rodger-Brown authored
      The current regex assumes that pylibmc appears at the beginning of a line
      (whitespace only precedes it), which is a fair assumption in a single 'flat'
      requirements.txt file. However, if you are using nested requirements then
      this is not the case - your pylibmc may exist in a sub-directory. This is
      very similar to the way in which mercurial is installed if "hg+" is found
      in the requirements file (see the /bin/compile script). By insisting that
      pylibmc appear at the beginning of the file, it's impossible to fool the
      compilation into installing libmemcached (as this script does) by simply
      putting the phrase into a comment, which is what you *can* do with 'hg+'.
      I've updated the regex to remove the beginning of line restriction. This
      means that you can add a comment to a top-level requirements.txt that
      will trigger the install, without having to functionally alter your
      nested requirements.
      e.g. top-level requirements.txt:
          # fake comment to trigger pylibmc script
          # fake comment to trigger hg+ install
          -r requirements/production.txt
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