Commit f767a735 authored by Johannes Hoppe's avatar Johannes Hoppe Committed by Kenneth Reitz

Fix #398 -- Set explict GDAL and GEOS location (#478)

Set GDAL and GEOS library locaiton explicitly in environment

*   GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH "/app/.heroku/vendor/lib/"
*   GEOS_LIBRARY_PATH "/app/.heroku/vendor/lib/"

Django has to settings with the same name. The setup now works as
described here:
parent 2608bf43
......@@ -40,5 +40,10 @@ if [[ "$BUILD_WITH_GEO_LIBRARIES" ]]; then
export GDAL
# set path for post_compile hooks
export GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH="$BUILD_DIR/.heroku/vendor/lib/"
export GEOS_LIBRARY_PATH="$BUILD_DIR/.heroku/vendor/lib/"
# set path for runtime environmeht
set_env GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH "/app/.heroku/vendor/lib/"
set_env GEOS_LIBRARY_PATH "/app/.heroku/vendor/lib/"
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