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v4 changelog

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## v4 (01/20/2012)
* Updated to virtualenv v1.7 and patched pip v1.2.
* Actually activate created virtualenv within compile process.
* Use distribute instead of deprecated setuptools.
* Automatically destroy and rebuild corrupt virtualenvs.
* Refactor django and pylibmc detection.
* Fixed `package==dev` in requirements with patched pip embedded within virtualenv. Patch upstreamed.
* Minor curl/rm flag fixes (thanks, contributors!)
## v3 (12/07/2011)
* Better django injection.
## v2 (11/15/2011)
......@@ -14,6 +31,7 @@ Bugfixes:
* Detect when virtualenv is checked in and alert user.
## v1 (10/01/2011)
* Conception.
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* Conception.
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