Commit afa8a0f7 authored by Kenneth Reitz's avatar Kenneth Reitz

pre-compiled gdal step

parent 52b8ae82
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script serves as the GDAL build step of the
# [**Python Buildpack**](
# compiler.
# A [buildpack]( is an
# adapter between a Python application and Heroku's runtime.
# This script is invoked by [`bin/compile`](/).
# The location of the pre-compiled cryptography binary.
# Syntax sugar.
source $BIN_DIR/utils
bpwatch start gdal_install
# If GDAL exists within requirements, use vendored gdal.
if (pip-grep -s requirements.txt GDAL &> /dev/null) then
if [ -d ".heroku/vendor/lib/libffi-3.1.1" ]; then
export LIBFFI=$(pwd)/vendor
echo "-----> Noticed GDAL. Bootstrapping gdal."
mkdir -p .heroku/vendor
# Download and extract cryptography into target vendor directory.
curl $VENDORED_GDAL -s | tar zxv -C .heroku/vendor &> /dev/null
export LIBFFI=$(pwd)/vendor
bpwatch stop gdal_install
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