Commit 7f7f0f7e authored by Kenneth Reitz's avatar Kenneth Reitz

actual libffi support!

parent dd210c90
......@@ -12,17 +12,10 @@ echo "Building libffi..."
curl -L $SOURCE_TARBALL | tar xz
curl -L $SOURCE_TARBALL | tar x
cd libffi-3.1
sed -e '/^includesdir/ s:$(libdir)/@PACKAGE_NAME@-@PACKAGE_VERSION@/include:$(includedir):' \
-i include/ &&
sed -e '/^includedir/ s:${libdir}/@PACKAGE_NAME@-@PACKAGE_VERSION@/include:@includedir@:' \
-e 's/^Cflags: -I${includedir}/Cflags:/' \
-i &&
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-static &&
./configure --prefix=$OUT_PREFIX --disable-static &&
make install
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