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      Tests: Cleanup of existing Hatchet tests (#1162) · fbfbeb36
      Ed Morley authored
      Prior to the recent shunit2 to Hatchet test conversion, there were
      already a few Hatchet tests. This cleans those up slightly:
      * Makes `ci_spec.rb` use a fixture in the repository, instead of a
        mixture of remote repository (`sharpstone/python_default`) and
        content written out at test runtime.
      * Removes `sharpstone/python_default` from `hatchet.json` since there
        is nothing left using it.
      * Renames `python_spec.rb` to `getting_started_spec.rb` since that's
        the only test left in that file.
      Closes @W-8786787@.
      [skip changelog]
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      Tests: Replace Django shunit2 test with Hatchet tests (#1161) · 278fe9ce
      Ed Morley authored
      Completes the shunit2 -> Hatchet test conversion.
      These were the last shunit2 tests, so the testrunner, Makefile targets,
      documentation and Travis CI steps have been removed.
      There isn't yet a replacement Makefile target or documentation for the
      Hatchet tests, however the rspec tests are easier to run by calling
      rspec directly (compared to the in-Docker tests), and until it becomes
      clearer what rspec use-cases are most common, it's hard to know how to
      best structure the Makefile targets.
      Closes @W-8786699@.
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      Tests: Clean up rspec config and improve testing UX (#1145) · 90f3eead
      Ed Morley authored
      * Removes redundant/unwanted options.
      * Enables use of `--only-failures` and `--next-failure`.
      * Enables use of the `fit`, `fcontext` and `fdescribe` aliases,
        for focusing the test run on a specific test/group.
      * Disables legacy rspec monkey-patching.
      Closes @W-8658521@.
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      Tests: Stop using rspec-retry (#1144) · 393b62ec
      Ed Morley authored
      * Hatchet already retries most API calls itself (`HATCHET_RETRIES`).
      * Hatchet/API reliability has increased over the years/months.
      * For any remaining intermittent failures, I'd rather have the test
        run fail so I can file issues upstream.
      Closes @W-8658268@.
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      Use Rubocop to lint tests (#1141) · 0274c951
      Ed Morley authored
      Added to the project using the steps here:
      Then fixes applied using Rubocop's auto-correct feature, followed by
      one or two manual fixes, and then disabling the remaining less
      helpful rules.
      The required Ruby version has been added to `Gemfile` since rubocop
      can use it to determine whether to enable rules about more modern
      Ruby features.
      Closes @W-8620478@.
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      Check Changelog improvements (#1128) · 4d178466
      Ed Morley authored
      The Check Changelog GitHub action now:
      * is skipped for dependabot PRs
      * uses a more descriptive job name than `check`
      Closes @W-8052460@.
      Closes @W-8098931@.
      [skip changelog]
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      Add a make target for running a local compile (#1123) · 74a6c86c
      Ed Morley authored
      It's often useful to be able to run a compile outside of the unit or
      Hatchet tests when developing the buildpack or debugging.
      Whilst running the compile locally inside Docker won't fully replicate
      a compile on the platform, for many use-cases it's close enough and
      importantly gives a faster development feedback loop, since buildpack
      changes don't have to be committed/pushed prior to triggering a compile.
      Closes @W-8436406@.
  24. 13 Nov, 2020 1 commit