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      Release v216 (#1358) · 20e198b9
      Ed Morley authored
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      Update path rewriting to support setuptools v64's PEP660 editable install mode (#1357) · b2dfe739
      Ed Morley authored
      On Heroku, the application source directory exists at a different path at build time (`/tmp/build_<hash>`), than it does at runtime (`/app`). As such, the buildpack has to perform path rewriting via `.profile.d` scripts at runtime, to ensure any packaging related absolute paths in the build output are rewritten to reference the new path. (Thankfully this awful path rewriting will no longer be necessary in the future with CNBs.)
      Previously the only files this path rewriting needed to update were the `*.pth` and `*.egg-link` files in `site-packages` created by setuptools when performing editable installs.
      However setuptools v64 added support for PEP660 based editable install hooks:
      This feature is only used for projects that have a `pyproject.toml`, and for such projects, [if the config is deemed complex enough](https://github.com/pypa/setuptools/blob/d03da04e024ad4289342077eef6de40013630a44/setuptools/command/editable_wheel.py#L359-L368), setuptools creates a new [finder script](https://github.com/pypa/setuptools/blob/23d455c532fca91e6f00aa5950000739b058b6e5/setuptools/command/editable_wheel.py#L740-L809) in `site-packages` that dynamically handles package resolution. (Simpler configs get a static `.pth` file, which works fine with our existing path rewriting.)
      This new file embeds the absolute path of the source directory at build time, so must be rewritten too. It has a filename of form: `__editable___my_package_0_0_1_finder.py`
      As such, this PR adds support for rewriting these files, along with updated test fixtures to provide coverage of `pyproject.toml` based editable installs (alongside the existing `setup.py` based test fixture).
      Whilst writing the new test, I encountered a difference in behaviour with setuptool's new editable install mode, which meant the fixtures had to be nested inside a `packages/` directory in order to avoid an `ImportError` due to the fact that the Python buildpack currently sets `PYTHONPATH=/app` at runtime. See:
      - The Python buildpack doesn't yet globally install this newer setuptools v64 release, since by design it pins to a specific version to prevent upstream changes from breaking apps overnight. (The version was recently updated to 63.4.3 in #1344.)
      - However, for packages that have a `pyproject.toml` pip uses the approach described in PEP518, which uses an [isolated build environment](https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/reference/build-system/pyproject-toml/#build-isolation
      ). This environment typically pulls in latest setuptools (though this is controllable by the package owner via `[build-system]` in `pyproject.toml`), overriding our pinned global setuptools install.
      - As such, even though we're not using v64 globally, users can still be broken by the upstream release.
      A big thanks to @mrcljx for the initial PR in #1355 on which this was based :-)
      Closes #1355.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMarcel Jackwerth <marceljackwerth@gmail.com>
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      Enable retries and connection timeouts when using `curl` (#1335) · c6ebbec5
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      In the shimmed CNBs used in `heroku/builder` we have been seeing
      quite a few transient errors related to buildpacks downloading from S3.
      Adding appropriate retries and connection timeouts to all of our
      buildpack's curl usages should help with these, as well as make builds
      more reliable in general for users on Heroku, plus also anyone using a
      shimmed CNB locally with Pack CLI (where the network connection may
      be even less reliable).
      The `--retry-connrefused` has been used since otherwise curl doesn't
      retry cases where the connection was refused. Ideally we would use
      `--retry-all-errors` which takes that one step further, however that
      option was only added in curl 7.71, so is only supported by Heroku-22+.
      I've intentionally not added `--max-time` to usages within buildpack
      compile, since otherwise users running the buildpack locally on slow
      connections may permanently hit timeouts (and timeouts mid-download
      occur so rarely it's not worth the hassle of making this configurable).
      For more on curl options, see:
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      Switch to the recommended regional S3 domain (#1334) · 2b0805e0
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      Whilst the global S3 endpoint (`s3.amazonaws.com`) still works,
      AWS now recommends using the appropriate regional endpoint
      to access the bucket:
      Our buildpack buckets are in `us-east-1`, whose regional domain
      is `*.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com`:
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      Add support for the Heroku-22 stack (#1299) · 894e42c7
      Ed Morley authored
      Adds binary generation and testing support for Heroku-22.
      Runtime version support for Heroku-22 is as follows:
      * Python 3.6 and older: Not supported since EOL.
      * Python 3.7/3.8: Not supported since:
         - they are in the security-fix-only phase of their lifecycle
         - they reach EOL in 2023-06 and 2024-10 respectively, which is well
           before the EOL date of Heroku-22
         - upgrading from 3.7/3.9 to 3.9 is in most cases trivial, and
           so we should be encouraging users to upgrade.
      * Python 3.9: Only 3.9.12+ is supported.
      * Python 3.10: Only 3.10.4+ is supported.
      * PyPy: Not supported, since is deprecated, was only ever a beta
         feature, the PyPy versions available for Heroku-18/20 are
         significantly out of date, and usage is virtually non-existent.
      The `force_absolute_paths_buildpack` usage in tests has been removed
      * Heroku-22 no longer includes Ruby in the stack image, and that
         buildpack was implemented in Ruby rather than bash.
      * That buildpack doesn't really add any value over just checking that
         things we put on the `PATH` (such as Python) can actually be used,
         which the existing tests already do.
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